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Girls Comfort Dress Sandals (Only Size 31)

Precio original $225.00 - Precio original $225.00
Precio original
$225.00 - $225.00
Precio actual $225.00
SKU 2318.236
Color: Gold Pink
Size: 31

Made in Brazil

Fashion is being a child! Wearing Molekinha on the feet, being a fashionista turns into a sweet game - and entitled to a generous amount of fun! Always alert to the most up-to-date girls' style the brand shows new releases in line with the children's universe and is specialized in little looks which are full of attitude!


  • Use only a clean, damp cloth with mild soap to clean your shoes
  • Do not use the washing machine. Do not immerse it in water or place it under the tap.
  • Dry your shoes only in the shade. Do not leave it under the sun or use drying machines, ovens or put it behind the refrigerator.
  • Be careful using products used to shine shoes such as waxes, creams and paints. These may not be compatible with the material the shoes are made of.
  • To clean suede shoes, use a brush with soft bristles.
  • To reduce the smell of perspiration, after using, leave the shoes in a ventilated, shaded place and let it rest at least 24 hours.

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