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LANDER baby oil is a   highly  refined colorless oily liquid. It does not contain harmful substances, is safe for a small child, is an environmentally friendly product, it is used for both cosmetic and medical purposes. First of all, the oil is recommended to be used to care for wrinkles, and it is also imperative to apply oil before putting on diapers, this will help to avoid chafing and, in turn, irritation. One of the advantages of the oil is that it does not contain fragrances, which means that this product is hypoallergenic for the baby. 


The oil is quickly absorbed and can be used for children and adults. The oil contains vitamin E which helps to protect and moisturize the skin. The skin of a newborn baby must breathe, because for some time after birth, the baby receives oxygen through the pores on the skin. To avoid blockages, apply a thin layer of oil to small areas of the baby's body.


With oil you can:

  • Remove the crust on the head of the newborn;
  • Prevent the appearance of diaper rash
  • Treat the folds and the baby's body so that the clothes do not rub;
  • Clean the nose (the child will breathe easier);
  • Moisturize and heal various irritations on the baby's skin;
  • You can use this oil for easy penetration of the gas tube or enema (treat the tip of the enema or tube so as not to scratch or damage the baby's skin).

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