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  • GET INCREDIBLY SMOOTH, SILKY-SOFT FEET with a pro-grade file for foot calluses, which will gently buff away rough, dry and thick callused skin in no time, leaving your foot skin healthy, radiant and beautiful.
  • ✅ INDULGE IN A SPA-LIKE PEDICURE EXPERIENCE: With one smooth and one rough side, this high-end foot file scrubber will work miracles for your cracked heel skin.
  • ✅ PAMPER YOUR FEET, HEEL TO TOE: Use our foot callous shaver on wet or dry feet, to get velvety-soft heels and callus-free feet in the comfort of your home. No need to waste money on spa salon visits anymore!
  • ✅ USE THIS FOOT SCRUBBER FOR YEARS: this FOOT BUFFER is hypoallergenic and uniquely durable. The non-slip grip enhances precision handling and facilitates use.