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Gigi Coconut Honee Flex Wax 13 oz

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  • FLEXIBLE LIKE SOFT WAX, MUSLIN-FREE LIKE HARD WAX: Enjoy the best of both worlds! Coconut Honee Flex Wax is one part soft wax and one part hard wax. Innovative and easy-to-apply! It stays pliable, never brittle and doesn’t harden without the need for muslin or cloth strips. This depilatory wax provides consistent flexibility even when set to waxing more than one area of the body in one hair removal service. GiGi Coconut Honee Flex Wax is surely your 2-in-1 solution for your hair removal needs!
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN AND HAIR TYPES: The GiGi Coconut Honee Flex Wax is appropriate for large areas of the body such as legs, arms, and chest. It is specially formulated to remove all unwanted hair from the face and body. From fine hair textures to thicker, coarser hair types, this efficient and effective hair removal treatment is perfect for you! Great for those who have sensitive skin, as well as those with normal skin types.
  • FORMULATED WITH COCONUT OIL AND HONEY EXTRACT: GiGi Coconut Honee Flex Wax Hair Removal Wax nourishes the skin with nutrient-rich coconut oil and honey extract, moisturizing while shielding the skin from the damaging free radicals, leaving your skin visibly hair-free and hydrated even after waxing. This depilatory wax will soften and protect your skin while ensuring effective unsightly hair removal every time.
  • QUICK SETTING, EASY, SMOOTH OVERALL WAXING: Discover GiGi’s innovation in waxing. Coconut Honee Flex Depilatory Wax is a fast-setting hair removal wax that ensures easy application and simple, hassle-free unwanted hair waxing in different sections on your body. No more waiting time! You can effortlessly apply the wax all over the desired areas and then remove it once ready, all at the same time. Easy as 1-2-3! You’ll have that softer, hairless, radiant-looking skin for up to 6 weeks!
  • ECONOMICAL, SALON-LIKED HAIR REMOVAL FINISH: The thin application makes this depilatory wax a more economical choice than a traditional hair removal hard wax. Your skin is protected, left moisturized and smooth without the use of pre epilation oil! Good value for money, very affordable and will enable you to save bucks as it delivers you a high-quality waxing spa-liked result for a longer period.