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Fixodent Plus Denture Adhesive Cream 2 oz

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Fixodent and forget it!
Denture Adhesive
P & G-Health
Active Ingredients:
Polymethylvinylether Maleic Acid Calcium-Zinc Salt; Mineral Oil; Petrolatum; Cellulose Gum; Silicon Dioxide; Yellow 6 Aluminum Lake; Red 27 Aluminum Lake
For best results, start with a small amount and then adjust to find the amount that's right for you. Too much adhesive can cause oozing. To apply adhesive: Clean and dry dentures thoroughly before applying. Start with a small amount and then adjust to avoid oozing. Apply in a continuous line around the perimeter of both dentures and two lines in the center of the upper denture (as shown in the diagram). Clean and rinse mouth and gums before inserting dentures. Press dentures firmly into place and hold until secure.