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Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter Clove Mouthwash, 250ml
Dentyl Mouthwash Clove 250ml Features: - Crystal girofle- contains fluoride to strengthen, timed release email- without alcohol, LUXE- The mouthwash Dentyl fight against plaque, protects against caries, Contains fluoride and is free from alcohol and destroys the causes of bad breath.Liquid That Make Up This mouthwash will mix the 2 phases by shaking the bottle and will destroy anaerobic bacteria responsible for bad breath for 18 hours. Dentyl pH was developed by dentists 'knowledge and supported by numerous clinical studies. Wait no longer, give Dentyl pH to act and bring back your trust in you. How to use: Use 2 times a day. Do not dilute. Shake well before use to mix and to activate the formula. Fill half a cap. Rinse the mouth for 30 seconds, before you gargling and it.