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Ladies Comfort Slip-on Sport Shoes (Only Size 42/11)

Precio original $325.00 - Precio original $325.00
Precio original
$325.00 - $325.00
Precio actual $325.00
SKU 4215.925
Color: Black
Size: 42/11

Made in Brazil

From the intense routine of everyday life to the practice of physical activities, Actvitta is always the ideal company. In sync with the wellness universe, the brand highlights sportswear with exclusive design, with fabrics that mold to the feet, flexible soles and soft insoles.


  • Use only a clean, damp cloth with mild soap to clean your shoes.
  • Do not use the washing machine. Do not immerse it in water or place it under the tap.
  • Dry your shoes only in the shade. Do not leave it under the sun nor use drying machines, ovens or put it behind the refrigerator.
  • Be careful with using products used to shine shoes such as waxes, creams and paints. These may not be compatible with the material the shoes are made of.
  • To clean suede shoes, use a brush with soft bristles.
  • To reduce the smell of perspiration, after using, leave the shoes in a ventilated, shaded place and let it rest at least 24 hours.

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